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Her dragon-hide gloves were...too protective? That was interesting. Avalon wondered what they would be working with today that required less protective gloves. She decided to keep her own gloves in her pocket and opted for a pair in one of the wooden boxes.

And now they were talking about evergreen trees. Well, at least that was a seemingly safe plant to work with. Hopefully they wouldn't be messing with any vicious vegetation today. Avalon had been around a lot of evergreen trees in the past, especially at her grandparents' estate. But she didn't know too much about them -- only that they were green all year round, were used for Christmas trees, and had a pleasant scent to them. Most of her classmates had already offered up answers of that sort. She raised her hand, hoping to add to the conversation. "I'm pretty sure that even though they are green all year round, they do still lose their leaves. But it's a lot slower than normal trees that lose all their leaves at once." Avalon knew it probably didn't have much to do with the lesson, but it was one of the only things she knew about evergreens, and she didn't want Professor Sutton to think she was uninterested.
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