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Originally Posted by Birchwoodmom View Post
Kassie glanced down at her watch and noted it was time for class to start. "Welcome to our lesson, everyone. I know that a lot of you have your own boots and dragonhide gloves. However, please do feel free to use the boots and gloves provided. Especially the gloves. I find that for what we will be doing today, the dragonhide gloves are a bit too, well, protective. The cloth gardening gloves will give your hands more freedom. Still up to you which you would rather use."

She moved a few steps forward to be closer to the students. "I don't wish to run out of daylight, so let’s begin. I’m sure you are wondering what we will be doing today, and maybe how much hands-on work will be involved.” She gave them a smile as she gestured towards the tools. “But, before we get to work, I have a few questions for you. First off, what can you tell me about evergreen trees?” She wanted to hear it all from them. Types, where they grew best, how big they got, what they could be used for…
Eniola nodded her head as she grabbed the gloves provided rather than her dragon hide gloves. If it's recommended by the professor then there was no sense in being stubborn and not using them. It will help in giving her the best results for what they're doing today...whatever that is...

Eni raised her hand after hearing the question. When called upon she answered, "Correct me if I'm wrong Professor, but aren't Evergreens used for their medicinal properties as well?" She was sure of it's needles having been used for a variety of healing salves and teas in the past.
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