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She hadn't picked up a pair of the gloves or boots initially, believing them to be for those who hadn't yet purchased any. But hearing Professor Sutton explain why she had the gloves, Hanna was ready to try them out. She didn't mind getting dirty, so would have been all too happy to forego gloves all together. Except for dangerous plants, or hazardous substances.

Hanna thought for a moment and put her hand up. She thought Evergreen trees were the most beautiful trees, mostly because they were ever green. When deciduous trees lost their leaves during autumn, and were skeletal during winter, Hanna felt the cold. But when she was around Evergreen trees, somehow it made her feel like spring was going to be there soon. Raising her hand she said "One example of an Evergreen tree is the Fir, and the 12 or something different species of Fir can be used for things like inflammation, infections, respiratory problems, and the nervous system." She had certainly had a tea of Fir bark at times where she felt most anxious.
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