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Well, this was...... odd.

It's safe to say that Lucas was quite confused as he walked towards the spot where the Herbology lesson was taking place. Herbology was one of those strange subjects: they could either learn about something cool and nice or they could learn about something that might take his life. You didn't know what you were going to get and he..... didn't know how to feel about that.

Not to mention that Sutton was teaching this now. He tried not to remember the events from last term but they kept floating back, especially when he saw her face. So, joining the crowd, the third year offered her a small and polite smile before saying, "Uh, hello, Professor." Hello. Hey. Everything was fine.

Awkward? You bet.

To distract him from this, he, instead, pulled out his dragon-hide gloves from his bag. Having changed his boots on the way here, he didn't need to change them again but he did pull on his gloves, giving his fingers a bit of a wiggle as he did so.

And what was with all the boxes?
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