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Default Discussion Guidelines
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Creating a Discussion Thread

Discussion threads can be about pretty much any book related topic. From a specific author, book, or genre, to posing a bookish related question. If you are interested in starting your own discussion thread, follow these steps:
  • Check that there isn't an existing discussion on that topic.
  • Create a new thread.
  • Select the 'Discussion:' prefix.
  • The title of your thread should be clear and concise.
    • The title might be altered by a mod to be more concise if necessary.
    • If the discussion is about a specific book, the title should read: 'Title' by Author (Rating)
  • Your first post should explain exactly what the discussion will be about. You can pose any questions you have about the topic to get the discussion started.
  • You must state clearly in your first post whether SPOILERS are allowed in the discussion.
  • Sensitive topics should be kept to a minimum in discussions. However, if they are discussed, a CONTENT WARNING must be included in the first post listing any and all topics that might come up.
  • Any banners or images you include should follow SnitchSeeker Rules.
  • Your thread will need to be approved by a mod before it is posted.
    • If your discussion doesn't get approved, you will receive a PM explaining why.
  • Discuss! Have fun! Be respectful! Keep your discussion active!

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