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Default Herbology Lesson 1: Blue Spruce

Near a small plowed field just past Greenhouse 4, Kassandra stands adjacent to a pile of garden boots and a bucket full of gardening gloves. Her hands are on her hips as she slowly breathes in the smell of fresh soil while watching the students arrive. On the ground, leaning against a large wooden box is a sign:

Boots and gloves are available for student use. Grab what you need then wait patiently on the grass next to the plowed field.
If you look past Kassandra, a stack of shovels and other gardening supplies can be found as well as a few more large wooden boxes.

OOC: Welcome to the first Herbology lesson. Please keep in mind that this would not be their first lesson IC. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to check out the class rules and expectations.
Class will start in about 24 hours Class has started.

Lesson Progression:

Question 1: Evergreen Trees
Mini Activity: Prepping the field
Question 2:What are some advantages of a rapid growth tree? What are some possible problems that could arise with growing rapid growth trees?”
Main activity: Tree planting and decorating