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World Cup Was More Than Just a Match

October, 2098
by: Jorge De La Garaza

England won this year's World Cup, but many are asking if it was a fair win or if the Quidditch administration should have stepped in and forced a do-over. The excitement leading up to the biggest match of the year was not the excitement it ended with, for India at least. The match started out intense with both sides fighting a great fight for the quaffle and the Keepers doing an exceptional job keeping the score at zero, but quickly everyone but the official noticed something wasn't right.

When a rouge bludger started to find it's way to India's captain it was becoming obvious that the match was tampered with. How did this bludger get into the stadium at all when the Magical Games and Sports Department at the Britsh Ministry were suppose to be testing and approving all equipment. Was there an inside job or had someone been able to get past the security the day of the final match? This is the question that many are asking and that MLE has assured they are investigating. Department Head Victoria Culloden would not comment leaving further questions about the incident.

A bludger wasn't the only issues that seemed to happen that day when during the middle of the match a muggle was spotted walking around very confused. Magical Law Enforcement took care of the situation quickly, but not before some witches and wizard took notice, "The MLE used a Patronus for Merlin's sake in front of the old man. He was so confused and scared, I felt bad for him really." a witch that wanted to remain nameless said at the scene. While other witnesses felt MLE did exactly what they should.

As both the match and the muggle events were happening it seems a pickpocket was among the crowd as well. He or she was not caught, but many people in the stands are now missing watches, bracelets, wallets, and many other personal items. The thief was never caught at the match and there is no other information about the person.

We are now two months later and there has still not been any leads or any arrest for either the bludger or the pickpocket. It leaves the questions was this an inside job or someone trying to ruin the World Cup for England, plus, what will this do for England to ever get a chance to host again?

If anyone has any information on either incident we would love to know or go directly to MLE for a small reward they are offering for any leads.

OOC: authorship credit:Bazinga
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