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2. Avada Kedavra

ďAvada Kedavra!íí

The masked figured calmly but sinisterly said the deadly incantation. Rachel, in panic, watched helplessly as the green light exploded from the wand tip. She was too far away to do anything, even push the two men she loved with all of her heart, out of the way. Just as bad, she didnít have her wand with her.

Rachel was speechless and in shock as the spell blasted at and hit her father and boyfriend. Phil Watson and Kyle Bayless fell lifeless to the floor.

It was a great gasp that Rachel bolted upright in the bed. She was breathing as though she had run ten miles. Pushing hair out of her eyes, she looked down at Kyle beside her. Fortunately, he was still asleep and hadnít been woken by her sudden movement. Kyle was safe... it had only been a dream... that meant her daddy was safe too...

Rachel gave a small sob of relief and moved close to Kyle. She curled up there and tried to fall back asleep.
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