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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Anna glanced at Lamb as it did its cat thing and sniffed about. Ollie's cat did that too, and, to be honest, so did her dogs. She would've thought it was mainly a dog thing were it not for her brother's cat. Anna was a dog person, see.

She was more interested in looking from the mushrooms to Rylee as they spoke about the things. So the younger Gryffindor also didn't remember those from last term. That must mean they actually weren't there.

Anna nodded and looked around as Rylee explained things about mushrooms. "Then again, they're only plants. They do their own thing, don't they?" She said, shrugging. At least that had been her experience when caring for plants. Or trying to. Never really worked because plants did their own thing.

Which meants they normally died thanks to Anna's brown thumb. Welp.
It wasn't very long at all before Lamb got bored sniffing about the mushrooms and made his way back over towards the girls. Meowing softly he walked right on over to Anna and lightly slinked past her, rubbing against her leg as he did because she was his friend, yes? Of course she was. Everyone liked little Lamb.

Rylee blinked at Anna. Just plants? Didn't Anna know that plants had feelings too? "Typically, yes. However they can be coaxed into doing what you'd like them to... like shaping them a certain way or getting them to grow a particular way. It takes some time but it can be done." Rylee should know as she spent a significant amount of time in the greenhouses with her own plants and in her garden at home.

"I wonder if it's not something more than these mushrooms just wanting to grow here. I mean... why haven't they popped up before?" It was rather curious.

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