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Post-World Cup, Conley had expected to be able to spend more time with his boyfriend. However, that had not been the case. Business had kept them apart. Post-game paperwork and investigations were in full swing, and he was expecting his undercover buyers to be called in for questioning at some point.

He also hadn’t expected October to sneak up so quickly. Usually around this time of year, he fell into a rather depressed state. This year, the depression wasn’t as significant as years past. While that was a good thing, it left him feeling guilty. Which is why he was going to cancel his plans with Sachin this weekend. He needed to spend a little time alone, he thought. He needed to figure out a few personal things.

He wanted to send something to Sachin as a gift and an apology for canceling their plans. Should he send flowers? Sweets? A little token of affection? He wasn’t sure. At least while he browsed he would be able to relax a little.
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