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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Of course, Lamb, didn't listen right away. Why would he? He was simply doing what the average cat would do... checkout his environment. As long as he didn't go and try to eat those mushrooms everything should be alright.

Rylee kept an close eye on her cat even as Anna turned to look at her. "Only a little." The fact that the mushrooms were growing here is what was strange.. but not to much so. Mushrooms grew all over the place is the climate was right. "Not that I remember." Something as strange as this would be something she would remember too. "Umm... not normally? Wild mushrooms can pop up just about anywhere though. So it could be something to do with the soil right there that's causing them to grow and in this shape... or it could be for some other reason all together."

Rylee was currently running through everything she knew about mushrooms in her head and why they might be appearing in this way.
Anna glanced at Lamb as it did its cat thing and sniffed about. Ollie's cat did that too, and, to be honest, so did her dogs. She would've thought it was mainly a dog thing were it not for her brother's cat. Anna was a dog person, see.

She was more interested in looking from the mushrooms to Rylee as they spoke about the things. So the younger Gryffindor also didn't remember those from last term. That must mean they actually weren't there.

Anna nodded and looked around as Rylee explained things about mushrooms. "Then again, they're only plants. They do their own thing, don't they?" She said, shrugging. At least that had been her experience when caring for plants. Or trying to. Never really worked because plants did their own thing.

Which meants they normally died thanks to Anna's brown thumb. Welp.
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