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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Anna was still looking at the random circle of mushrooms with some curiosity when she noticed something moving from the corner of her eye.

She wasn't exactly observant as in consciously noticing things and certain people, but thanks to Quidditch she could notice movements in her peripheral vision way better than she used to.

The Gryffindor turned her head to see... "Oh, hi, Lamb!" She greeted Rylee's cat with a smile, watching it go to sniff some of the mushrooms.

As if on cue, Rylee's voice come from behind her, making Anna now fully turn around to face the girl who greeted her and was now telling her pet to leave those mushrooms alone. "Strange, aren't they?" She said, turning her head again to look at them. "Were they here before?" Anna asked, still not entirely sure whether her observational skills were as bad as her mother claimed them to be. "And is it normal for them to grow in this... shape thing?" Since Rylee was the Herbology person of the two of them... but then again, most people knew Herbology better than Anna, so. Still, Rylee was pretty good at it, so maybe she knew.

Or maybe EVERYONE knew except for Anna, lol. That wouldn't surprise her either.
Of course, Lamb, didn't listen right away. Why would he? He was simply doing what the average cat would do... checkout his environment. As long as he didn't go and try to eat those mushrooms everything should be alright.

Rylee kept an close eye on her cat even as Anna turned to look at her. "Only a little." The fact that the mushrooms were growing here is what was strange.. but not to much so. Mushrooms grew all over the place is the climate was right. "Not that I remember." Something as strange as this would be something she would remember too. "Umm... not normally? Wild mushrooms can pop up just about anywhere though. So it could be something to do with the soil right there that's causing them to grow and in this shape... or it could be for some other reason all together."

Rylee was currently running through everything she knew about mushrooms in her head and why they might be appearing in this way.

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