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Originally Posted by Argyle View Post
Argyle didnts know what the Madam Professorese meant to say. Argyle tugged at the hem of her dress. Argyle thoughts all the feasts were of the perfect standard.

But Madam Professorese came with a request. Argyle bowed low. Requests were jobsies. Argyle nodded. Argyle goes a lot of places. Argyle has sweeping to do and scrubbing to do around the castle and Argyle sees lots through the castle. Argyle was listening and then she stopped nodding with Madam Professorese and with Quirly instead. "Madam Professorese Argyle thinks we should be informing Masters Headmaster of any such things." Argyle nodded. "Argyle should check with Algamus if Madamses request is okay for Argyle."
Wait, why was Argyle tugging at the hem of her dress? Did that mean she was distressed or did it mean she was happy? All she did was compliment their cooking. She looked down at him with eyebrows raised in bemusement and decided that he must want her to bend down. She bent down on one knee so that she was more or less level with the house elf.

"Now Argyle, there is no need to tell the headmaster. You can if you WANT to, I am not trying to keep secrets from him." She added that last part hastily, not wanting to accidentally get in trouble. "But that man's got enough work on his plate without having to hear a hundred trivial details that may or may not be important. Why do you think there are many professors at Hogwarts and not just one? Now if we were to discover something that could even possibly be dangerous, of course I would want you to run or teleport straight to the headmaster and tell him. But in the meantime, I think we can handle this on our own, can't we?"
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