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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Rylee might have been slightly preoccupied with her replying to a message to her sister, via the watch upon her wrist that she was testing out for a friend. Such was the reason why her cat Lamb was currently leaping about the grass some feet off to her left being his playful little self.

"Lamb?" she called out lifting her gaze from her watch once the message had been sent. "Lamb?!" Where was th- ohhhh...

Spotting Lamb just as he went running off ahead of her towards someone. Chasing after her small cat it wasn't until she was closer that she saw he hadn't necessarily run towards the person who she knew was Anna but towards... whatever that was. Welp... that hadn't been there last term.

"Hey, Anna!" the Gryffindor called out with a bright smile. "Lamb, you leave that alone!" Cue the furry one sniffing around and checking out the mushrooms.
Anna was still looking at the random circle of mushrooms with some curiosity when she noticed something moving from the corner of her eye.

She wasn't exactly observant as in consciously noticing things and certain people, but thanks to Quidditch she could notice movements in her peripheral vision way better than she used to.

The Gryffindor turned her head to see... "Oh, hi, Lamb!" She greeted Rylee's cat with a smile, watching it go to sniff some of the mushrooms.

As if on cue, Rylee's voice come from behind her, making Anna now fully turn around to face the girl who greeted her and was now telling her pet to leave those mushrooms alone. "Strange, aren't they?" She said, turning her head again to look at them. "Were they here before?" Anna asked, still not entirely sure whether her observational skills were as bad as her mother claimed them to be. "And is it normal for them to grow in this... shape thing?" Since Rylee was the Herbology person of the two of them... but then again, most people knew Herbology better than Anna, so. Still, Rylee was pretty good at it, so maybe she knew.

Or maybe EVERYONE knew except for Anna, lol. That wouldn't surprise her either.
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