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ok that was fair Professor, while Eloise did enjoy some classic rock she probably would not know. Since even right now Eloise was more into house music than anything else. Probably last a week and onto another genre. The redhead was sure she heard Sandu say deer and yeah best not even think of the title.

Anyway she was in her seat now and messing with all the instruments on it and trying to get comfortable and YEAH CEL!. Eloise honestly thought she was skipping today for some reason.

Also Eiji got a grin realizes he would have to sit in front of them.

"Eiji, we are relying on you today. The stars told us...wait wrong class."

Oh Sandu was clearing her throat. Time to pay attention and listen. Wait was she really as much i scientist. The only thing she really understood was gravity and how it related to kicking a board in the air and well spinning in the air. But that was physics not astro. Tho to be fair she believe in science more than astrology divination or even arithmancy. Sorry Professor Sissay.

"I mean they do value some really horrible jokes and puns. Like really bad"

As for any real answers that actually benefited the classroom discussion, well she had none of those.
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