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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
"...oh bloody hell," he muttered under his breath as he sluggishly stepped into the classroom and looked for a seat. Somewhere away from Eloise and Céline if there was any hope in him being able to focus - and only because those two would go out of their ways to be pests to his focus. Unfortunately...the only opportune seating that remained was literally the seat in front of them. Hence another 'bloody hell' muttered under his breath as he moved to the seat and set his bag down.

Hazel-green eyes fell on the professor, a polite nod of acknowledgement offered but nothing more. Rather standard classroom greeting for one Eiji Rasting.
Entering the Astronomy classroom on this late october evening hour Ellie held back a small yawn as she curiously looked around the desks at the set up and also noting the cloudy night sky. Shoot no stargazing tonight but hopefully it’d be fun anyway. Passing by the elder woman sitting on the edge of her desk Ellie greeted cheerily "Good evening Professor Sandhu!" She really liked her, because she was like the only professor that actually allowed to eat snacks in her class.

Debating where to sit Ellie gazed around until her eyes fell on Eji that she had heard muttering a curse to himself earlier. Smiling she took a new hold on her backpack as she headed over the snake boy and slumped down in the vacant seat next to him at the front of the class. "Hi Eji!" She pulled out her astro textbook and writing materials placing them on her desk before she pulled out a handful of cheeze crackers that she held out to Eji "Do you want a cheese cracker? They’re yummy or maybe a bertie bott?"
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