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Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
"Of course not." He managed a small smile for her and squeezed the hand that she had slipped into his. "I never mind your company." And he meant that. No matter how he was feeling, he was always happy to have Vita around.

"Oh, sorry." Indigo shrugged a little, but he did feel kind of guilty. He definitely did want to spend time with her, she was one of his best friends, after all. He wasn't sure how exactly to respond to that, but after a moment of silence he decided to just be honest with her, as best he could at least. "I haven't really been in a... people sort of mood." Did that make sense? He wasn't sure exactly how to explain it, but he thought Vita might get what he was saying. "I'm glad you're here though. How have you been?"
Vita did get it, though his admission worried her a little. She wondered if something specific had caused this or if it was just the whole growing up thing that was weighing on him. It had been doing that to her lately and she certainly had moments where the best course of action seemed to be hiding out under her covers and away from the rest of the world. "'M sorry you're feeling like that," Was all she could really offer in return. If he wanted to keep talking about it, he would, and she was happy to let him change the subject if it made him feel better.

"I've been good. Being a prefect still feels a bit weird, but I think I'm finding my...groove? If that's even the right word to use." Did he get what she meant? "I'm not sure if anyone respects me, and I guess that's what my aim is? To get that, and to give respect in return." She led them around a bend and down another straightaway, shrugging a bit. "Studying hasn't been my favorite thing, but that's happening too. I'm falling in love with coffee because of it."
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