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Cordelia Grace Winklebleck
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Elizabeth Wright
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Cordelia was out for a walk exploring the campus grounds when she came across the mushroom fairy ring. Oooh, this looked interesting. She had read stories where fairies danced in circles like these or where the fairy circles were portals to a fairy world. Maybe this one wasn’t a portal seeing as she already lived in a magical world, but there still might be wild fairies. Cordelia liked visiting the fairies that lived in the barn with the other creatures sometimes. Fairies were up there with unicorns and winged horses when it came to her favorite magical creatures. Mermaids too, but it turned out that the mermaids here weren’t what she thought mermaids were. Sniffing the air, Cordelia took in the smells of the forest. The crisp air, the soil, she took all of it in. She cautiously took a step into the center of the circle as she tried to avoid crushing any plants or creatures that might be on the ground. This was nice. Magical. She was anticipating… Something. Something magical was definitely going to happen to her as she stood in this circle, she just knew it.
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