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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Albertine Radosevich
First Year

Albertine was quickly realizing a few helpful things as the school year progressed further into the fall semester. For one, magical school was so much more fun than her classes at her old prep school. For two, magical school was so much more confusing. For three, Albertine would not be stopped regardless, which is where number four (caffeine!) came into play. Alba would be roasted over an open fire (or private letter, but still) for anything except Outstanding marks, no matter if the class in question extended well into her preferred sleeping hours. She had taken to having three packets of instant coffee dissolved in hot milk and plenty of sugar at dinner to combat any sleepiness during Astronomy, and it had worked fabulously so far - the young girl all but skipped up Hogwarts' tallest tower until she arrived to her evening lessons. Required materials and should-be-required snacks bounced around in her knapsack with the force of her enthusiasm.

The first year was pleased to see her teacher already there. She had taken a liking to the woman from the few lessons she'd already had the opportunity to attend. Whether the older professor cared for her at all would have to be learned in time. For now Alba just smiled and worked (with only small success) at keeping her hyperactivity on the down low. "Good evening, Professor Sandhu."

Glancing around the classroom, Alba decided to sit next to the girl who'd worn the cute shoes on their first day of term. "And good evening to you, Avalon." Alba remembered the name because she hadn't heard it in person until they met. After greeting the other girl she looked down at all the instruments on their desks. "Any Ravenclaw guesses on what all this equipment is for?"
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