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Max liked these lessons for the same reasons he liked ivination, they push his mind to think in wider circles. He was a boy who loved thinking, loved learning and loved the sky- and all of these things were wrapped up nicely in Astronomy.

Not to say he was good at this stuff. He most certainly didn't think so.

Joining the class, Maxie gave the Professor a curt nod of greeting - as was his usual method - before peering around for a seat that was both quiet adjacent and not too close to the front- just in case he needed to hide his face. Anahera was an older student, but a very nice and quiet one. The seat beide her looked... fairly promising. Quietly excusing himself through the small throng of students, Maxie took the seat. "E-Evening." The hufflepuff greeted, offering the Gryffindor a tiny, slightly uncomfortable smile, before setting his attention on the instruments on his desk.

To him, it looked like the kind of things you'd maybe use to figure out gravitational pull.

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