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Default Astronomy I: Put a Little Swing in Your Step! (The Scientific Method)

As you arrive at the Astronomy classroom for the first seminar of the year -- a lesson that students of all years are invited to participate in -- the sky is overcast. Clouds block all the stars, and the moon herself is almost entirely hidden on this October night. A shower of rain in the early morning seems to be in the cards, which inspires hope for those hoping to watch the lunar eclipse the next evening.

It is immediately clear that absolutely no stargazing can be done today, but that does not seem to bother Professor Sandhu, who is sitting on the edge of her desk, legs crossed at the ankle. Humming to herself, she waits for students to arrive.

The classroom is set up normally, with rows of tables and chairs making a semicircle facing the blackboard. What isn't normal is that all the desks, including Professor Sandhu's have on them a metre-rule, string, scissors, pendulum bobs and a stopwatch as well as a retort stand and its clamp on the floor. Take your seats, and quickly! Professor Sandhu is eager to start the lesson.

OOC: Hey, hi, hello, and welcome to our first OOC Astronomy lesson of the term. Remember that even though this is our first RPed lesson, that it is now October and students have already had a month of lessons with Professor Sandhu. Please read through the Classroom Rules before posting! Lesson will begin apppproximately 24 hours from the time of this post (1700 GMT+2)The lesson has begun! Please don't post your character arriving if you want to avoid IC consequences!

Lesson Progression:
Greetings + Question 1: What is important to keep in mind, as a scientist?
Answers to Question 1 + Mini Activity: Make a simple pendulum!
Response to Mini Activity + Question 2: What could possibly go wrong in an experiment?
Response to Question 2 + MAIN ACTIVITY: PENDULUM DODGEBALL with the bonus perk of getting 8" off their essay if they're one of the first ten to complete the activity.
CLOSING REMARKS. Thank you all for coming!