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Default If You Like This Then You'll Like This

This thread is similar to the Book Recommendations thread, but there’s a twist! Instead of only recommending books to others, you can request for books to be recommended to you based on another book that you enjoy. You can browse the recommendations here.

I want to request! What do I need to do?
  • Include the title, author(s), genre, and rating of a book you know you like in your post.
  • You can leave it at that, but if you include more details – what it was about the book that you enjoyed (the themes, atmosphere, genre, etc.) – then you increase your chance of getting good recommendations.

What do I need to do if I'm recommending books?
  • Quote the member’s post that you’re giving recommendations for.
  • Include the title, author(s), genre, and rating of every book you recommend.
  • Recommended books should be similar to the requested book in some way. For example, the books could have a similar vibe, atmosphere or plot.
  • You may suggest a maximum of three books per request.
  • Be fair. You can recommend more books to someone who has already had books recommended to them, but if you notice that someone’s request has no responses, try and find books for them first.

If you have any queries, send them to Harron Peasley or natekka via PM.
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