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Argyle didnts know what the Madam Professorese meant to say. Argyle tugged at the hem of her dress. Argyle thoughts all the feasts were of the perfect standard.

But Madam Professorese came with a request. Argyle bowed low. Requests were jobsies. Argyle nodded. Argyle goes a lot of places. Argyle has sweeping to do and scrubbing to do around the castle and Argyle sees lots through the castle. Argyle was listening and then she stopped nodding with Madam Professorese and with Quirly instead. "Madam Professorese Argyle thinks we should be informing Masters Headmaster of any such things." Argyle nodded. "Argyle should check with Algamus if Madamses request is okay for Argyle."
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