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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Just exactly how Gunnar found his way down this corridor, he wasnít sure, but somehow he hadnít remembered ever taking this path towards the common room in the past four years of his time at Hogwarts. At least he wasnít in a hurry to go anywhere because after seeing this somewhat hidden door, he was finding himself in the mood to explore.

The fifth year felt the need to reach for his wand as he pushed open the door. There wasn't anything noticeable except for a dusty table, but the general vibe of the room was a somewhat foreboding one. Still, the two doors at the end of the room drew his attention. Should he try one or the other?
Beezley wanted to clean the dirty chamber, but the chamber was spooky. She felt that if it wasn't clean that they weren't doing their jobs so she decided to go down there herself.


Beezley was on the dusty table looking around, "Master what are you doing down here? Beezley thinks its scary down here, but Beezley wanted to clean."
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