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Gunnar was doing his best to get back into a regimented schedule of exercise and running now that he was back at school. Sure, he did plenty in the way of staying fit over summer, but with school back in session, he found it necessary for a stricter schedule to get ready for Quidditch and fit his running around classes and study sessions.

He had already gone for a run this morning, but it was such a nice day that he had decided another run the other way at the edge of the lake wouldn't hurt. He needed to be in top shape for Quidditch anyway, right?

And he had just finished that run and basically collapsed on one of the benches in the pathways. Maybe he wasn't in as good shape as he thought. Leaning back against the bench, he poured the contents of his water bottle over his head to cool off. He'd just rest his eyes here for a minute.
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