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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Arms crossed, watching Kaiser. Eloise was impressed but oh circe was he showing off right now. Upside down and smiling. She honestly wanted to roll her eyes right now. And that answer. Did tell her one thing that apparently he climbed a lot of trees which sounded weird at first but who was she to judge since that was what she was trying to do.

"I mean how did you get up it so quickly?'

And don't you dare say practice or she will fling a hex up there
Oh, so she wanted a literal answer? Well... Kaiser was tempted to say 'skill' or 'practice' once again just to be a pain, but he quickly made the decision that it was probably better to wind up someone who was not Eloise Fairfield. Maybe he anticipated that hex. Self-preservation and all.

"I ran up the trunk, to start with," Kaiser said, relenting and nodding his upside-down head towards the trunk of the tree. "Then I jumped up, grabbed the branch and just... swung up." He shrugged. It was difficult to explain the process of climbing, and he was more a do-er, than a say-er, in this respect. "Try it." That was, if she wanted to climb too.
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