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Originally Posted by Syd View Post
“Is not.” The boy shouldn’t argue with her. She was eleven years old. She was basically a professional at arguing. She had her hands on her hips and attitude and everything.

Plus, he was just plain wrong. And mean. “I’m not daft.” She hurried after him, her little legs working quickly to catch up to him. If he thought he was getting rid of her that easily... well, he was wrong about that too. Surprise! “So, how do you get out?” She was trying to annoy him a little more, maybe, but also she was genuinely lost and she might’ve been hoping that he could lead her out of this maze.
Was she seriously giving him all that attitude? The thirteen year old raised an eyebrow - or both - and looked at the girl. Józef could do that, too, and indeed he did - both hands were on his hips as he looked down at her. "Is too!"

Take that, little kid. He glanced to his side as she caught up, and, without noticing, slowed his pace ever so slightly so she could keep up. Maybe he was good at heart... Or something. "You keep taking right turns," Józef said, with way more confidence than he actually felt. That, he had decided, was what he was going to do.

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