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It was late, but that meant very little to Kaiser. For someone who barely slept, the night was still very young - not that that mattered to Hogwarts staff, or whoever had made the rule about curfew. Kaiser had hours and hours of being stuck in the dormitory and common room to look forward to if he was going to follow that particular rule tonight, and he figured he may as well grab himself something to eat before it was too late to be roaming freely around the castle. He did, after all, have a lot of weight he still needed to gain back.

Okay, so maybe he didn't need to, but all the same. Food. Food was always welcome.

The kitchens weren't too far from the Slytherin common room, they were close enough that it was a reasonably quick trip, and as a result, Kaiser was sort of pushing his luck with his timing. He tickled the pear, stepped into the cavernous room, and made an immediate beeline to the food. There was another boy here, already in his pyjamas, who had presumably had a similar idea to Kaiser, and Kaiser offered him a nod of acknowledgement as he passed him and opened up the door to the pantry.
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