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As he wanted to make the most of the weather while it was still reasonably nice, Kaiser was out wandering the grounds. This was his preferred activity over, for example, homework or studying, neither of which were very high on his list of priorities. Probably because he was terrible at anything and everything related to academia. Wandering also helped him clear his mind, which felt chaotic at the best of times. And, well, it helped distract him from thoughts of outright upping and leaving which, rationally, he knew would probably be a Very Bad Idea.

Having reached the pathways, Kaiser scouted around for a while for a decent tree and, upon finding one, took a run-up and leapt up for one of the lower branches, sort of wall-running up the trunk to help him reach it. Once he had hold of the branch, he swung himself up and onto it with well-practiced ease. Kaiser was a climber of buildings, first and foremost, but trees were certainly also within his area of expertise.

Now that he was in the tree, straddling the branch, Kaiser looked up to plan his route, swinging his legs gently below him as he did so.
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