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Like Ancient Runes, Arithmancy was a class that Nina Castillo thoroughly enjoyed. Also like Ancient Runes, however, Arithmancy was also a class that she pretended to loathe. Merlin forbid anyone actually find out that she was good at it, it would be an absolute travesty. She'd have to tell Hudson that she didn't need his private lessons anymore and though she didn't need them to begin with, she very much enjoyed the time they spent together. So as far as anyone else was concerned, Nina and Arithmancy were NOT big fans of each other.

As she made her way into the classroom, she sported her classic pout. She politely paused in front of their Professor's desk to nod in greeting, taking note of the strange collection of objects placed on the desk before her. How peculiar. Immediately, her mind began forming an obscene amount of guesses as to what their lesson would be focused on today. The possibilities were seemingly endless and perhaps only time would tell.

Furthermore, she had bigger issues worth her preoccupation. Aka finding the right place to sit. If she took a seat towards the front, she would appear to be too eager. People would think her to be studious and concerned with her marks. If she took a seat at the back, she would be stuck with the burnouts. Kids who were bound to flunk their way out of school and amount to absolute nothings like drivers for the Knightbus, or worse... busboys at the Leaky Cauldron. While she wanted to appear casual, she did not want to be surrounded by idiots.

And so, she settled for a seat somewhere in the middle. Perfect.
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