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They we're now a few day's into term and Eleanor was slowly finding a Hogwarts routine for herself. She was a morning person so going up bright and early for a class was not a problem. A small yawn did though slip out of the brunette lioness's mouth upon entering the Arithmancy classroom since, she was also a teen that needed her sleep.

After surveying the step up and the weird collection of objects on the professors desk for a moment she turned her attention to the professor, which Ellie greeted with a sunny smile in passing on her way to an empty desk. "Good morning Professor Sissay, why do you have such an odd combo of items on your desk? The elephants are cute though."

Choosing an empty seat in the same row as Holly she quickly took out parchments, quill, inks and her Arithmancy textbooks from her backpack and placed them on the desk in front of her. She was now ready and eager to start her first arithmancy lesson.
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