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He always wanted to make a good impression even if they had known him for a few years now. "I'll try to see what I could bring. Maybe I could make something to take over." His mom would have something holidayish to make, maybe something they hadn't had before or maybe one of their favorite would be better. He chuckled as he said about everything loving him, he had been really nervous about her aunt, but she turned out to be pretty cool and he didn't mind hanging out with her and her boyfriend.

"You never had to worry about my family, they liked you from the start. " His family was pretty easy going and enjoyed everyone for the most part, though his brothers could be a pain, he knew they wanted Kyle to be happy.

A to-do list? He was laughing at this as he started in on the lasagna, []b "It's not that hard to make, we can cook together if you want."[/b] He would actually really like that, "Maybe we could take a cooking class or something."
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