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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"Well hello there!" Ramiel greeted cheerfully. It had been a busy couple of days. Weeks. Or actually? Months. The whole summer had been one big blur of children and wands and feathers and a sulky measuring tape to tie it all up with a neat little bow.

He beckoned the measuring tape over, which reluctantly shared what it had gleaned in measurements, and then gave the small girl a reassuring smile. "I think I have the perfect wand for you. Made it myself!" Which wasn't the case for all of the wands in here, not even close, given this was his first summer managing the shop.

He went to the stacks and searched for a few minutes, a frown on his face. "Now where did I put that.... ah. Here." Wrong spot! Should've been over one.Perhaps after the summer was over he'd have to go through and make sure no other wands had become misfiled. Ramiel went back over to the girl and opened the long box, presenting the wand within to her so she could take it herself.

"Now, just give it a bit of a swish and tell me how it feels."
Albertine straightened her spine when the man, presumably employed at this establishment, greeted her. He seemed just bubbling with enthusiasm, and Alba approved. She just wished she could feel the same way. This summer she had been so excited to go to Hogwarts. Now things were getting real. She smiled anyway.

"Hello, sir! How are you today?" Her voice was smooth, no sign of nerves. Which was good because she felt a distinct, uncomfortable feeling in the depths of her digestive system at the next words the shop employee (and evidently wandmaker) spoke. She would have scoffed if her mothers' disapproval wouldn't be evident from miles away. Even Taisiya, in the corner of her eye, had stopped what she was doing to presumably gawk in incredulity at the man's words. Probably not though; her sister was difficult. Alba didn't pay enough attention to tell. Her anxious little brain kept on spinning in her head. "Ah...I...your confidence is inspiring?" She wanted to cringe at her lack of couth.

But...really. He knew? Just like that, hm? A silent conversation with a pouty measuring tape and he was ready to provide her with the most important piece of magical equipment in her life? Times like this made Alba cross with the fact that she was stuck in such a tiny, ignorant body, but she delicately took the wand and gave it a swish. She had no choice but to trust this gentleman and his cavalier proc - oh. Oh.

The wand felt pleasantly warm, almost hot. Comforting, sunset-colored tendrils of steam lazily swirled upwards and outwards from its wooden tip. The effect on the eleven year old was dizzying, making her feel almost fizzy, and various pleasant scents like lavender and toast wafted through her senses.
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