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SPOILER!!: replies
Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
Queue is not full! YAY! so um I've been majorly behind on things and I am in need of new graphics for, say, two (Harri and Declan) of my charries? Hehehehe only if it's okay with you

What would you like? Signaaature/s?
Sizes: 450 x150
Images: Harri Declan
Text: For Harri: Harri Ainsworth, second year Gryffindor (or any variation)
For Declan: Declan Montezor, sixth year Ravenclaw (or any variation)
Aesthetic: I trust youuu
Anything else? You are amazing, fyi <3
Eeeeee! I'm so excited to see you back!

Your request has been added to the queue!

Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Hello my lovely! I would like two signatures, if that's possible?

What would you like? 2 Signatures.
Sizes: Room for 3 lines of text? I'm still bad at working out the pixels for this.
Signature 1 (Nova): I particularly like these images for her, but alternatively there are more images here or her model is Saule Silinyte.
Signature 2 (Dalton): Here are some photos; alternatively, his model is Nico Mirallegro.
Signature 1 (Nova): Nova Dior Pascal, Ravenclaw. (or anything involving name/house/year/etc)
Signature 2 (Dalton): Dalton Fletcher, Accidents & Catastrophes. (again, anything involving name/department or just name)
Aesthetic: Dalton is moody and Nova is... something else, so whatever works with the photos/your creativity.
Anything else? You're the best, work your beautiful magic! Love you.
That's totally possible! Added to the queue.

Love you, too.

Originally Posted by MuggleDinosaur View Post

What would you like? Set, please.
Sizes: Avvie: 100x100, PP: 250x350 & Siggie: 450x150
Images: Anything from here
Text: Reign Cash, First Year Slytherin
Aesthetic: Surprise me. Reign's favorite colors are yellow (like a golden yellow) an purple.
Anything else? Nope!

Thank you!!!!
Hey. Your request has been added to the queue!

Originally Posted by RachieRu View Post
ahhh I loveee thanks so much lovely!
I'm glad! You're most welcome.

SPOILER!!: graphics
Hey hey. Soooooo, I'm not totally sure if these graphics are very Eloise. Let me know if you want anything changing! I hope you like them.

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✔ Post in this thread when you pick up
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