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Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Austin looked up to see a new girl Eloise. He frowned as he could see she was very tired as she practically plopped herself onto a spot. He silently got a water bottle from his duffle, thank you mum for the extension charm, and let out a short whistle to get her attention as he held the water bottle out to her.
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
It had become a thing for Józef to assume that, if a girl ever behaved dramatically in front of him (or, indeed, if they so much as talked to him), that it meant they 'mad fancied him'. Although shocking, he couldn't really blame them - after all, he was so damn cool. So when Eloise was walking in front of him an flopped dramatically into a compartment, Józef had to assume that she was doing it for his attention.

Whilst waiting for someone to break the news to him that the likelihood of someone fancying him was small, Jó was happy to grin, lean over and poke the Slytherin's shoulder.

"Morning," he said, offering the whistling boy with the water bottle a grin, too.
Eloise was more in the mood to nap the whole ride way and wasn't really paying attention to anyone in the cart so in her mind, this was her compartment and she wanted quiet. So hearing an annoying whistle was the last thing the fourth year wanted to here and just her luck she got in one with someone here.


Two people and now the second one was tapping her on the shoulder. Ok, and it was fair she did do the flopping for the attention but not this kind of attention. Even if it was two boys ok. Talk about rude and something she would do to Evan. Though she wouldn't say morning or anything just annoying saying their name. Or change their hair color in their sleep. On second thought she would do a lot worse than a tap and morning.

The redhead opened her eyes and stared at both of them.

"Why are you two trying to wake me up?"
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