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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
”Ouch,” Samiul said wincing in sympathy as the girl sat up. ”Looked like that hurt.” He walked into the compartment. He pulled his shoulder bag off over his head, rumbling auburn hair and tossed it onto a seat. He wasn’t about to apologize for startling her. She should have been more aware of her surroundings. But then, perhaps unlike himself, she might be used to her surroundings. He guessed that might make her a little less wary of things.

”Rats?” he asked as he offered her a hand up. Why would she be asking about rats?
Wincing and grimacing as the pain bloomed Ellie tried to straighten up into a sitting position on the compartment floor without causing it to hurt too much in her left side. Biting down on sarcasm since the boy looked like he was going to be her compartment buddy for the next several hours she affirmed weakly. "Yes it hurts. That fall wasn’t very comfy." Most people would have chosen this time to apologize for causing her to fall, but it looked like this boy wasn’t going to anytime soon which was very rude.

Ellie wasn’t going to sink so low as to ask for an apology though, she had some pride. Taking the offered hand though she grimaced only slightly as she straightened up in her full height before she slumped down on the seat next to her backpack. Touching her left arm to see where it hurt most Ellie said with a glance over at the boy. ”Because my pet that I’m bringing with me to school is a rat. I know many people don’t like rats so hence the question." she didn’t blame Simon for not sticking his nose out of her backpack just yet. "I’m Eleanor!" She introduced herself before continuing her arm and shoulder inspection for pain...It hurt in several places.
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