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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
"You can drag a boyfriend by his sleeve. Lauren has to drag Dad away by his sleeve when they're in shops sometimes." Their dynamic still puzzled Beau, but he no longer questioned it because Lauren was cool and took him to music festivals and she made Dad happy. He shot a grin at his cousin when he let him go and gave his arm a dramatic shake as if he were relieved.

With a shrug, Beau took a bite out of one of the cauldron cakes he had grabbed. "Y'Mum 'as got way 'oo many chil'ren." Biological and not. Aunt Lori needed a hobby that wasn't collecting kids. Or raising kids that were annoying. (*cough* Jorgie *cough*)

Ugh. Rly Spar? Beau gave the other Gryffindor a shove. "Didn't I say no talking about Evie or Afrika? This is a fella weekend. Guys only. No girlfriends or not girlfriends in my case."
Sparrow hesitated, thinking of all the times he'd spend with Afrika, and then about his elder brothers and sisters who had more experience with the whole relationship thing. Although he was pretty sure his girlfriend had never dragged him by the sleeve, it did seem like a very Saffron thing to do.

But were Saffron and Albert the norm? Sparrow wasn't exactly sure. He guessed they argued more than mum and dad, but not that much, really. He was thinking about all of this so much that he didn't really pay attention to Beau talking much about the whole dragging thing.

His own mouth full of cauldron cake, Sparrow finished eating before he spoke. "Yeah, but they make her happy." And having a happy mum was really wonderful. His mum was just SO generous and nice and wanted everyone to feel like they deserved love and, honestly, he wasn't really all that soppy but Spar did think that was the mark of the best kind of person.

"Why isn't Evie your girlfriend? Are you dating other people? Is she dating other people?" Yes, Sparrow was ignoring his cousins attempt to not talk about their respective girl-people things, but Spar couldn't help but be curious.

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