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Text Cut: Ellie
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Transferring to a new school wasn’t something that Ellie had been overjoyed about when her father had first broken the news to her earlier that summer. She had screamed and cried and said a number of things she would have wished in hindsight that she hadn’t, but her father had been understanding. Ellie had eventually come to terms with it all and now saw forward with nervousness to starting Hogwarts and making new friends and meeting new professors. Hopefully she’d get to stay here for the rest of her 4 years of magical education. Her father had really promised this time that he was going to stay in the British ministry.

With her nose deep in her book as she read curiously up on the Bloody Baron Ellie at first didn’t hear the compartment door open until a voice spoke which startled her so much that she tumbled off the seat in surprise to land on the compartment floor with a loud thump. Grimacing as pain bloomed up in her left shoulder and arm she raised her brown eyes to meet those of a boy. Regarding his question Ellie said trying for a smile, but only managing it halfway. "Sure, come in! I'm not expecting anyone." Remembering Simon that had now fleed into her backpack and out of sight she asked tentatively. "I hope you don’t have anything against rats?"

”Ouch,” Samiul said wincing in sympathy as the girl sat up. ”Looked like that hurt.” He walked into the compartment. He pulled his shoulder bag off over his head, rumbling auburn hair and tossed it onto a seat. He wasn’t about to apologize for startling her. She should have been more aware of her surroundings. But then, perhaps unlike himself, she might be used to her surroundings. He guessed that might make her a little less wary of things.

”Rats?” he asked as he offered her a hand up. Why would she be asking about rats?
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