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Default Lol, I thought Patrick had chosen a compartment to sit at.
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SPOILER!!: Patrick

Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick turned from his place in the walkway. He wasn't sure who would be whistling at him. But he figured it was important since they hadn't just hollered his name. His eyes scanned the car landing on a young boy. OH! He was a Prefect, his badge on his street clothes probably caught the young boys attention.

He smiled trying to put him at ease, "Hey man, you can have that compartment I'm sure no one will mind." He pointed to the seat that the kid had pointed at in the compartment he had just passed by. Patrolling the train and he didn't even know it.

Austin nodded. He had thought that the older boy was sitting there as well. Austin was glad when he was just patrolling the train...for now at least. Who wants to sit here? Austin shrugged and sat down with his duffle in his lap.
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