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Patrick had decided that having his Prefect badge would not change the route in which he got onto the train and into the prefects compartment. He boarded the train alone as he had for the past two years, no parents sticking around needing to wave at him, he was a teenager who had his stuff together. With his hand in his pocket he stepped onto the last car of the train.

Was he going to stop every single person along the way who was breaking rules... nah that would be too much to do right now. He began to stroll down the pathway looking into compartments here and there. He figured he'd make the pass, go to his meeting and then "patrol" by coming back to take a quick nap. The feast always took so much out of him.

Brushing his hair off of his forehead he continued down the cooridor watching all of those around him noticing Kamryn, Leonora, and a few other familiar faces. He nodded at them before slowly moving on.
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