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Eleanor slowly boarded the Hogwarts express in one of the back cars to look for a free compartment to sit in with her new rat buddy Simon sitting perched on her right shoulder. She was super nervous for the first ride and figured that most kids wanted to sit in the front so she chose the back. She liked making new friends, she just wanted a quiet ride to school.

Pushing open the door to one of the compartments she gave a slight sigh of relief when she found that it was empty. Going into the compartment, she shut the door after herself before she slung off her backpack on the seat next to her. Simon jumped off her shoulder right away and perched himself on top of it. Ellie smiled at Simon before she made herself comfy on the seat by toeing off her trainers and pulling her legs up on the seat. She then drew out her edition of ’Hogwarts a History’ from the backpack and flipped it to the page about Hogwarts ghosts and started to read.

This was going to be a long train ride.

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