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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"Well it looks like we've found you a wand." Ram said. "And a lovely one. 11 1/4 inch fragile vine with demiguise hair core. Vine wands are nearly always matched with those witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose, who have a vision beyond the ordinary and who frequently astound those who think they know them best. They are strongly attracted to individuals with hidden depths and tend to be rather sensitive to the 'right' individual, reliable sources claim that these wands can emit magical effects upon the mere entrance into their room of a suitable owner. The dual masculine and feminine nature of Vine wands allow for a balance and a clearness of purpose and focus which is fitting for ambitious and intelligent owners, who have a direction and a goal in mind. Demiguise is particularly excellent for transfiguration spells, vanishment, banishing, and delicate and finicky work. The same individuals who have an affinity for occlumency tend to bond with wands made from this core. Once mastered, these wands can disguise themselves so that only its wielder will be able to easily see it, making them very difficult to steal" He said. She seemed the kind of child who would like to know these things, and he was certain her father would be listening in very closely too.

"10 galleons, 4 sickles. Will you be wanting any accessories for that one?"
This was the one, THAT she knew, but all this new other information regarding her wand was something she was soaking up like the pull of a black hole. Upon hearing about vine wands having a tendency towards ambitious and intelligent owners, Andromeda glanced back to her father, a small smile on her face. Beaming perhaps even, but small. She did quite like the sound of that, and even more so to learn that demiguise core owners have an affinity for occlumency. Mother dabbled in the art. Just wait till she heard about that!

Perhaps some lessons before school term?

Theoretical... of course.

BUT NEVERMIND. Her gaze transferred to the list of offerings at the shop, and a quick scan through the items had her deciding in seconds. "Can I have a holster? And a wand polish... and the conditioning and strengthening oil, aaand the waterproof and fireproof rubs? And the protection salve and barrier oil?... and nice case?" She looked back at her father. Much serious.

"To keep the wand in perfect condition for studies."

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