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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"Well that's an admirable goal! But then, I'm ah, just a little biased." Ram said. "You really should - Hogwarts especially has a lovely library." And she'd either get tired of the topic and the amount of work it would take to become a wandmaker, or she'd find hours and hours on end worth of reading to do and that was only a beginning. "All the best at school!"
"That's what everyone says to me, sir, when I mention I hope to be a wandmaker.", Analiese said. People thought that she was aiming too high. They were also a bit too biased, like the winemaker said he was. Analiese ignored them and followed her grandmother Kerensa's advice. Follow your dream, even if others laugh, she used to say. "Either that or I hope working as an Auror."
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