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Default Trinetta & the niffler
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He was oblivious to these reasons, though he had never really been all that aware of many things to begin with. Selective awareness was one of his more insufferably personality traits, truly. "Is it...odd that I already hardly remember my wand sorting experience?" he found himself asking, realizing only then and there that he really had no recollection of the event. Nothing positive and nothing negative. Perhaps that selective awareness had struck once again, filtering out a memory that had no real business staying inside his head and opening that space up to something more impactful. "I'm sure she will be fine. She far to resilient for her own good."

Stupidly so. Literally.

"She'll likely pester you," he informed her as a bit of an after thought. He felt the need to warn a few people of this tendency of Rebecca's, her warm curiosity and innocent nosy nature. Though he could do without her getting too close to Trinetta. That nosy nature was something they shared and he really, really, did not need Trinetta to rub off on his impressionable little sister. At all. Thanks. "She is easily distracted by anything bird though. I tend to conjure birds for her."

Ug. He did not want to explain this any further. He hadn't even gone into the attire required or anything else - like how completely rubbish he was at it and how much better at it Rebecca was. She was far more fluid than himself. It was a comment he was always receiving on his brush strokes...unlike Rebecca. "My uncle is the sort that when he makes a suggestion, you listen," he replied easily, trying not to over think nor over share. "....but yes. Performance calligraphy was one of my extra curricular activities. Himitsumahou requires all students participate in at least two but no more than three, or else one's dedication is brought to question."

Realizing that he opened the door for her to inquire as to what the second activity was, Eiji turned his head away to look at the shelves yet again...though he was looking at nothing in particular. And it was during this 'nothing in particular' looking that Trinetta started SCREAMING. Shrilly at that. Ears ringing and heart giving a violent lurch as his head spun around to look at her, Eiji honestly expected to see that inferi army from a few terms ago suddenly storming Diagon Alley.

........only he saw nothing at first - seeing as the beetle had already flown away by this point - and in the next moment Trinetta's eyes were rolling back in her head and she was.....falling. "O-Oi OI OI OI O-OI!"


Instincts betraying him, because honestly he SHOULD have been pulling for his wand and not rendering himself helpless, his arms shot out to wrap around her and made an honest effort to catch her. Letting out a gruff grunt as he took on her full weight, his knees buckled slightly and heels pressed into the floor of the shop to try and create some sort of equilibrium so he too wouldn't go crashing to the floor. Managing, somehow, he first looked down at her face and brushed some of her blonde hair away from it. "Trinetta?" he murmured, being careful not to shake her and worry half prominent in his tone. "....O-Oi."

And then he noticed the culprit: a niffler. A niffler who was currently having a real go at the shelves and pocketing everything in its bottomless pouch. Trinetta was...afraid of nifflers?


"OI!" he barked at the creature, who had just so happened to pocket one of the last hourglasses he had decided moments earlier that he needed. "Put that back!"

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