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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
"People aren't that stupid. I'm dragging you by your sleeve." Nevertheless, Sparrow slackened his grip and let Beau shake himself free. Honestly, if Beau thought dragging someone by their sleeve likened them to a couple... Well, maybe there was a reason Evie wasn't officially his girlfriend or whatever.

Spar took a snack, though, because food. "Dunno. Probably, she's got a billion people to look after," he said with a shrug. So it wouldn't surprise him if his mum had added 'feeding everyone' to her ridiculous to do list. Yeah, it was cool that West had bought all the Stemp House kids tickets, but he was staying out of the way when Lorelai needed help.

Nodding along and not really paying attention, Sparrow tilted his head to one side as something Beau said did strike a chord. "Yeah, about Afrika... Should I have invited her? I kinda forgot and like, there's already a billion people for mum to look after -" Had he mentioned that already? "- and I s'pose we can't spend allllll of our time together, right? But reckon she'll be annoyed?"

Hang on, had Beau just said something about not mentioned Evie or Afrika?
"You can drag a boyfriend by his sleeve. Lauren has to drag Dad away by his sleeve when they're in shops sometimes." Their dynamic still puzzled Beau, but he no longer questioned it because Lauren was cool and took him to music festivals and she made Dad happy. He shot a grin at his cousin when he let him go and gave his arm a dramatic shake as if he were relieved.

With a shrug, Beau took a bite out of one of the cauldron cakes he had grabbed. "Y'Mum 'as got way 'oo many chil'ren." Biological and not. Aunt Lori needed a hobby that wasn't collecting kids. Or raising kids that were annoying. (*cough* Jorgie *cough*)

Ugh. Rly Spar? Beau gave the other Gryffindor a shove. "Didn't I say no talking about Evie or Afrika? This is a fella weekend. Guys only. No girlfriends or not girlfriends in my case."

SPOILER!!: Muggle madness!
Originally Posted by Archibald Greer View Post

Archie nearly fell out of his chair and choked on his muffin when the rude girl's boyfriend harnessed a pair of....ghosts??? from a stick?? "What in the devil...?" he sputtered indignantly. "What kind of sorcery....?" He pointed an accusing, wrinkled finger at the young man, unable to voice clear, coherent thoughts, he was so shaken!

"Unhand me, you hooligan!" he bellowed at the young man, clearly impersonating as an officer of the law. He just performed some black magic summoning of the spirits; no way did he think he was a reliable authority figure. Besides, he was doing nothing wrong to warrant the police to need him for questioning. He was simply trying to enjoy a muffin and figure out where he was.....

But before he could say anything else, another lovely young woman entered the scene. She was beautiful and kind, and reminded Archie of his granddaughter, which calmed him just slightly (even if he was still indignant!). "Thank you, young lady," he replied brusquely to her as she attempted to handle the rude couple. "It's nice to see that some people still know how to respect their elders." And he could tell her EXACTLY what was going on here. Rudeness and sorcery!
Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
Hadn't really thought by her that what Ronan had done was quite... extra. Probably because her fellow YATI (NOT her boyfriend, thank you very much) here was known to act extra but also he was good with what he's doing so Ava should've seen it coming. When the old muggle was refused to be grabbed by her partner, she apologized to him. "I'm sorry about my friend, sir. We don't mean to do any harm with you." She didn't need to show either her wand or badge to him. "We just want to ask you some questions because you seemed lost."

Good, now the department head of Accidents and Catastrophes was here. This woman should know how to handle this case since she's far more experienced and any of them here. "Sorry, Miss Dodderidge." Ava spoke up in low voice to the woman. "I suspected he's a non-magic who accidentally got here by portkey, and I asked Carter to keep an eye on him." Just a suspect and it wasn't proven yet. Somehow Ronan was 100% sure that this old man here was muggle, perhaps he had seen him around or something because she had no idea.

"Is there anything we should do?"

Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Ursula was sitting on her bed inside her spacious tent when she began to hear a vast amount of noise outside. "What the Merlin is going on?" Ursula muttered under her breath as she stashed her wand discreetly in her pocket so it was invisible and ventured outside.

There she spotted a few of her fellow Ministry workers including her boss along with a rather grumpy elderly Muggle. She decided to keep her distance for the moment. Ursula was certain that if her help was needed that she would be summoned.
Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
Art was just hammering the last of his pegs in when he heard something that made him feel quite nostalgic.

Professor Newton.

He looked up and over at one of his students, and a young Lioness. "Miss Burton," he said, a warm smile spreading on his face. He definitely remembered this little prankster. "H-how have you been??" He wanted to ask more questions, always interested in the goings on of his past students, but there was a little commotion. If Art didn't know then, he watched as the now grown Miss Burton involved herself in the situation with, he assumed, a muggle. She and others around her took control of the situation, and he made quite an assumption that she now worked for the Ministry. Perhaps within Magical Law Enforcement - what other department would be taking control of these incidents. Accidents and Catastrophes, perhaps? "D-don't suppose I could b-be any er... any use?" he asked his ex-pupil. One old man to another, perhaps?
Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
He was still too shook to realize how his actions might be taken by others. I mean, a reminder of the second worst day of his Hogwarts career (the top spot was very much taken by the Inferi) shows up at an event he happened to be working? Oh, and said reminder just so happens to be a muggle? In an area where all sorts of magic was going on? Ronan pretty much felt like he had acted in the right here and he didn't appreciate Dodderidge simply dismissing he and Ava like that. Instead of letting his anger the best of him, however, simply adopted a bored look before looking the department head up and down. She was sure full of herself despite the fact that a rock could do her job, if there were enough force behind it. Granted, it might take a few extra memories with it....

It was when the old man spoke that he realized that he himself had just done the thing that he was trying to prevent the muggle from seeing others doing: magic. He let out a single curse before pulling his arms back and letting out a "Sorry," directed at the man.

"I recognized him from the Dufftown incident back in 2095. He was one of the Muggles...." he explained. She knew the one he was talking about, right? The one where the Williams siblings basically tried to expose their world to the muggles? Though, then he had been but a Hogwarts student.

Also, if he knew Ava's thoughts right now, he would be wounded. For one thing, a bit of extraness never hurt anyone. Also, what was so objectionable about dating him?
Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
It all seemed to happen very slowly for some reason. Usually these things were over quickly, but Zara noticed every little detail. Ava, for starters! She saw her former classmate recently at Daisy's wedding, and never imagined she'd see her again so soon and on official business too. If the situation wasn't so alarming, she'd have told her the role of auror looks good on her.

Then a woman she didn't recognise appeared out of nowhere, and Zara assumed she was a ministry official of some sort which scared her even more, until the woman bent down to pick up her pastries. "Oh!! N-no, it's okay! I mean, thank you so so much!" Zara stammered as she started doing the same for all the Quidditch themed baked good who had met an unfortunate end at the hands of that other auror. She wasn't fond of him at all.

Zara quickly learned two things: the woman was not from the Auror department, and her name was Dodderige. She would try and remember that, and send her a basked of goodies later, as a thank you. The woman had decided to be kind to her even in the midst of- a muggle??



Zara silently berated herself for not recognising a muggle, seeing as she was a muggle born herself. But before she could get her bearings and perhaps offer anyone some more water, Professor Newton of all people showed up! ... This was a weird day!! "Professor!" Zara exclaimed, walking over to him. Yes, he was a comforting sight. If nothing else, Zara had always been able to trust her professors. "I'd offer you some cupcakes but they're all ruined now," she gestured at the grass, where the results of all her hard work still was. The former Hufflepuff sighed. One would have thought the man had been a dark wizard with the way that auror had reacted. Her baked goods were innocent! Apart from the bludger ones.. They had a kick to them.

Eliora knew that she had employees nearby, if they had been where she had asked them to be. So she could call on them if needs be – she trusted them more than the employees from other departments that she wasn’t familiar with. And wanted to string up by their baby toes. Was that possible? A training exercise perhaps? Maybe she’d suggest it later on.

She spared a glance towards Ava when she explained briefly and quietly and nodded. So this Carter kid had been asked to keep an eye on an individual. And, instead, had chosen to go down the route they were currently sailing down. The stupid route. The dramatic route. The least quiet route. She chose not to respond in a hushed tone, because the suspected Muggle was around and the whispering and secrecy had already clearly agitated him. ”Thank you. I’d like for you to go and let Alexa know that we have a guest that isn’t on the list, please. She must be caught up with something if she didn’t receive the fax.” Loosely translated as: get your boss, because I don’t want to kill one of her employees without her permission. Ugh. Muggle things.

Eliora wasn’t planning on giving this Carter kid a second more of her time, but as she looked at him she saw the look he was giving her. The up. And the down. What was it with kids these days and thinking they had the right to look people up and down? To judge? And her Mama bear mode activated. She folded her arms across her chest. ”Oi, Carter, if you value your limbs, I’d reconsider the way you look at a superior. I will twist your eyeballs out of their sockets. With my bare hands and sing you a lullaby when I do it. And if you can’t respect me? Then get away from here. Now. And she finished with a sickly sweet smile before turning her back on him and catching the Dufftown mention. Ah, yes. That. She remembered well.

Eliora continued to smile in the direction of the older man. ”Don’t you worry, sir. They’ll be in social etiquette classes for a while after this.” And although that wasn’t quite the truth, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight about all of her opinions regarding the initial handling of all of this. Children were insufferable. Why was she having to deal with them anyway? Ugh, not supposed to be her problem. Eliora pulled up a chair for herself and took a seat on it. ”We’ll get this all straightened out in just a minute. Security at festivals are just… something else, aren’t they? My name’s Eliora, what’s yours?”

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