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Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Hawke nodded. He didn't know much about her family, but he did know families loved souvenirs. In fact, everywhere he went, he was super to pick up something for Temp.

Of course, Temp was pretty easy to shop for. Maybe everyone's family wasn't like that?

He looked her over after she put the jersey on. "Looks great." Slips his on with the hat topping his head. "And me?" he asked turning on the spot to model the look.
Wiggling her fingers, Nico went to pick up a shirt of the same pun but in a slightly bigger size. Boys around her brother's age grew up so fast. "Are you gonna buy stuff for your brother too?" Phoenix was the name, yeah? It must be a thing in that family, cool birds as names. Or maybe Tempest because Hawke just seemed to type to buy things for everyone.

With Hawke also dressed the part, Nico laughed and clapped her hands. One could really tell that she was pretty easy to please too. "NEWT-level outstanding!" Now they were totally ready for this world cup!
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