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Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
Not too far from where she's standing, Ava saw a familiar old face, literally and figuratively.

"Professor Newton!" She greeted the old man. Even though he's no longer the professor but he's always been for her. That guy was her former potion master and also her head of house when she was still a spunky teenage Gryffindor girl. "It's Ava Burton, sir. I was your student, a Gryffindor." Just in case the old man had forgotten since it's been a long time she saw him. Probably on the last day of her fifth year or so, she didn't recall.
Art was just hammering the last of his pegs in when he heard something that made him feel quite nostalgic.

Professor Newton.

He looked up and over at one of his students, and a young Lioness. "Miss Burton," he said, a warm smile spreading on his face. He definitely remembered this little prankster. "H-how have you been??" He wanted to ask more questions, always interested in the goings on of his past students, but there was a little commotion. If Art didn't know then, he watched as the now grown Miss Burton involved herself in the situation with, he assumed, a muggle. She and others around her took control of the situation, and he made quite an assumption that she now worked for the Ministry. Perhaps within Magical Law Enforcement - what other department would be taking control of these incidents. Accidents and Catastrophes, perhaps? "D-don't suppose I could b-be any er... any use?" he asked his ex-pupil. One old man to another, perhaps?
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