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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post

"Ah! Lovely!" What a nice sight. Seeing a wand match like that! "It most certainly is! 10 1/2 stiff hickory with hippogriff feather core - 9 galleons! Will that be all?" He gestured at the board with various wand care products and holsters that she could add on to her purchase.
A hippogriff feather core? How neat! Avalon remembered her first time meeting a hippogriff when she was visiting her grandfather, a magizoologist, at work as a child. She was drawn to the politeness, dignity, and fierceness of the creature. The hippogriff had instantly taken a liking to her after she earned its respect. Kneazles were definitely her favorite magical creature, but hippogriffs weren't far behind.

She glanced back at her parents and pointed to her new wand excitedly. Her mother flashed a proud smile, and her dad gave her a thumbs-up. Looking at the board of add-ons, she remembered that Mum and Dad had a cabinet filled with wand care supplies at home. But they had recommended she get a box for safekeeping. "Could I also get a basic wooden box, please?"

As she counted out eleven galleons, her curiosity overtook her. What really determined if a wand was a match? And how come everyone's wand reacted differently during the process? She couldn't help it as she asked, "Sir, what really goes into the wand matching process? I've heard that it's mostly based on personality, but does that wand take anything else into account?"
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