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Default quick Niffler mention too!
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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

It took him a second longer than it should have for him to realize that she thought something was wrong with his wand. His wand was perfectly functional and not broken, thank you. "Not for me, for my sister, Rebecca. She's starting Hogwarts," he said as a sort of refresher since she obviously had forgotten. Hardly fair of him to expect her to remember every detail about himself anyway.

"Japan was fine and alchemy was fantastic," he replied with a shrug, not particularly wanting to go into too many details about his struggles with being there. "My uncle had me join his performance calligraphy club's bloody kanji on a large scale. The brush is as long as a person and just as heavy."
Trinetta was oblivious to the Niffler running his way through the displays of the store for obvious reasons and nodded as Eiji explained why he had been in the shop. Of course! How could she have forgotten? "That's right! I can't believe she's starting school this year!" she said with a grin. "That's so exciting, getting your first wand. Hope it's going well for her...I almost set the counter on fire during my first shopping trip there," she admitted with a small shrug like it was nothing. That grumpy man had put out the fire right away so it wasn't like it was a big deal or anything. No harm done.

In true Eiji fashion, he stated simply that it was fantastic and then didn't follow that up with ANY detail. Ugh. It was like pulling teeth sometimes, talking to this kid. She smiled a little at his next bit, though. "Had you join? So he FORCED you basically?" she asked with a small smirk. "Wait so you were writing kanji...with giant paintbrushes?" she said slowly, making sure she had that right. She could barely write kanji with normal quills, let alone a paint brush that was as tall as her. The mental image of Eiji trying to write with a giant paint brush immediately popped in her brain, and she wasn't sure whether to laugh or...

Her thoughts were suddenly stopped as she felt a small tickle on her arm. She looked down and her eyes widened as she saw that a GIANT black beetle had landed RIGHT on her exposed forearm. It was about the size of a galleon, and had about a bazillion prickly legs coming out of its hideous body. It slowly started to scuttle along her arm, its antennae twitching a bit and...that was all it took to completely break her brain. The whole thing took about 0.02 seconds, but it felt like a lifetime in her eyes.

That's because Nettie was usually a pretty brave person...but not when it came to bugs.

She SCREAMED out the top of her lungs, followed by some babbling swears that were a mix of English and French and gibberish that was no language at all as her arms FLEW above her head wildly, trying to get the beetle off of her. IT HAD TOUCHED HER! WITH IT'S GROSS BEETLE BODY! AND ITS EVIL LITTLE LEGS AND ANTENNAE AND...

She managed to stop moving her arms around long enough to notice that the beetle had flown off of her, which was not a surprise considering how her brain had basically short circuited just now and caused her to go in to complete meltdown mode. She stared for a split second at the spot the beetle had been...before her eyes rolled in to the back of her head and she began to crumble to the ground in a dead faint.

Yeah. Trinetta Gladin did NOT DO BUGS.
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