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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

If there was any one he hated between the two of them it was himself for, you know, not being a better version of himself during the whole...sage that had been their relationship of sorts at Hogwarts. He wouldn't entirely say that everything felt normal and good, but they felt better and better implied progress and and progress was a very good thing.

He would have stood and hugged her when she approached, but she was sitting before he really had a chance to do so. So he would settle for smiling softly at her instead. He could get a hug later perhaps. "Of course," he said easily. He remembered a lot of things. "You look well. I'm glad."
That was something Natalie hated about it too - her own faults during the... relationship stacked up high in her mind. In her mind, Derf did little to no wrong. But he had also insisted that he was okay and that they should move on, so that was what she was trying to do. Move past it and continue as friends - as they were always meant to be.

With another smile, Natalie pulled the bowl of strawberry ice cream towards her. "You look well, too." He was now seeing Chloe, of course, which made complete sense. And they were cute together. Natalie took a bite of her ice cream.

"What's the first item on your adventure list, Mister Scamander?" Since, you know, he was probably a reincarnation of Newt Scamander and he apparently was going to do a whole bunch of cool stuff instead of go to University. She was a little envious.

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